Two Faces Beware


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Two Faces Beware When the Planet Venus passes through the Sun The Future will be told Mutilations of the Soul Brings new life to behold Electroditius - Radion With Smoke & Mirrors from beyond As I look into the Mirror I can see - two of me Oblivious - as I fade into a puff of Smoke Silent & Deadly I become a ripple of Distortion In a Kaleidoscopic Maze A Train pulls into The Red Haze In my Crystal Mirror...I gaze I dream of the two faces Two faces beware One of you is me The other trapped in Fear Soaked in Isolation Afraid of Revelation Two faces beware TWO FACES BEWARE!


Words by VON LMO Music by VON LMO & Otto von Ruggins © 2011




All Rights Reserved
Two Faces Beware
Two Faces Beware
  • Two Faces Beware

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